Monday, October 7, 2013

My Credentials Have Been Hijacked

To any graduate or undergraduate school of business that has recently received an application from "me," my credentials--specifically by original diplomas--have disappeared and are apparently being used to apply to schools with excellent academic reputations. My highest attained degree is in Educational Psychology, the only document that is still in my possession. I can explain further, if your applicant review committee is interested in the circumstances, but only only through personal/commentary messages sent as requests through my blog sites or facebook page, as I share no personal information through other means. For the record, the degrees in question "disappeared" after I moved to the Caribbean and needed to provide records to obtain ex-pat residency status.
Whether more personal information has also been coopted, I cannot yet say, as I am pretty careful about financial and other records. However, I am checking everything carefully.
Since the notices that "my" records are coming from departments or programs that appear to be specifically geared toward minorities, I am sorry to report that I am unable to claim minority status, as "Old Eastern European" is not--to the best of my knowledge--considered minority.
I apologize for any inconvenience caused to the excellent schools who are receiving these applications. Your application review boards are already so thoroughly inundated with oceans of applications.
Best wishes for successful review of genuine candidates,
Eleanore Miller, Ed.D.